Baby Led Weaning Adventure

Before Cayden was born, I was very much overwhelmed with all these new ‘rules’ and new ways of parenting. When I first came across the term Baby Led Weaning, I was very interested of this new way of feeding. I was all prepared to steam all Caydens veggies, pureed them, put them in ice cube trays, put them into baggies, and he’d have home made baby food. When I learned that at 6 months, babies have developed enough to skip purees and moved to “real” food, I was excited to learn more. Not only was I interested to learn that at 6 months, babies could potentially whole foods, the old school rule of introducing 1 food every 3-4 days was out the window. There was no need to introduce baby cereal.

When Cayden was about 4 1/2 months old, I started to look into this new adventure of BLW. I googled a few sites, but (and looking back on this now) I found so many helpful resources on Facebook. I found a a great group for BLW.

Caydens first food was a 1/2 of a banana. He LOVED it. at first, his face was a little bit off, but he got used to the taste. He eats everything now. Loves blueberry greek yogurt, chicken is another favorite.

I was worried though that since he wasn’t eating a great deal of food, that he wasn’t getting enough iron. I went out and bought Baby Gourmet Ancient Grain Organic Cereal. Cayden hated the taste. He hated the texture, and would not eat it. I just recently came accross a BLW recipe for cookies that you can add this in.

Hes such a little ham, and already has developed such a personality, and knows what he likes, and certainly what he dislikes.

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